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Sanitation Solutions Tailored to your Operation

Cleaning a plant today has become a more complex task than ever before. Clean All can help keep your operation compliant with health and safety regulations, without adding strain to your budget. Our expertise and consultation helps clients to avoid the risks of recalls, costly shutdowns, and late production start-ups.

We will customize a cleaning program specific to your needs through the use of frequencies, daily checklists, and regular inspections. The custom programs we develop satisfy increasingly stricter Government regulations through superior sanitation program, documentation, manuals, databases and knowledge of compliance regulations. Whether you are a large processing plant or a small distribution center, we will develop a program to suit your needs.

Our programs utilize the latest technologies, methods, and equipment to ensure that you receive the best quality service. Our commitment is to provide a high standard of cleanliness to every contract that has been entrusted to us in order to retain our stellar reputation within the community.

Benefits of Contract Cleaning

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Optimize Producivity

Leverage our Expertise

Avoid recalls

Flexible Scheduling

Preventative Maintenance

Health & Safety Training

Suppress Bacterial Growth

How We Can help


Equipment Cleaning

Scheduled Daily Cleaning and Sanitizing

Development of new SSOP’s and updating current ones

Creation of a Sanitation Operation Instruction Manual for use by Auditors, Quality Control and Employees

Scheduled Tasks according to Pre-established Frequencies

Task Completion Planning and Recording by means of Frequency Charts and Task Database

Condensation Control

Implementing Our 7 Steps to Sanitation Program


Facility Cleaning

Cleaning of Lights, Ceilings, Walls, Condensers, Doors etc.

Pre-Operative and Pre-Audit Inspections

Dry Ice cleaning for Sensitive components and equipment

Hand cleaning of control boxes, panels etc

Storage rooms and Coolers

Compactors, Parking Lots

Building Exteriors, Roofs, Exhausts

Preventative Maintenance

Moisture Protection of Equipment

Lubricating of Equipment

Dismantling and Deep Cleaning

Health & Safety Compliance

The purpose of mandatory compliance training is to improve occupational health and safety for Ontario and Quebec’s workforce (including you). The requirements for mandatory compliance training apply to all workplaces covered under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, regardless of workplace size or sector. Clean All helps you create compliance training across our various sectors and can help you understand requirements for your businesses health and safety program.

Benefits of Choosing Clean All

Tailored Cleaning Programs

We work with your company 1-on-1 to come up with a comprehensive cleaning program that is 100% designed around your business needs. We offer custom solutions that are both affordable and effective

24/7 Operational Flexibility

Our cleaning services work around your business’ schedule to minimize disruptions to your staff and customers. Day or night, we’ll get the job done!

Family Owned and Operated

As a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience, our service rivals the “big” players in the market. We treat our clients like family.

Our Clients are Our Partners

As our client and partner, you can count on Clean All to handle your cleaning needs so that you can focus on your core business and what matters most.

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