Shutdown Cleaning: What Is It & How Can It Benefit Your Business

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Shutdown Cleaning: What Is It & How Can It Benefit Your Business

Tom Pilon

A clean manufacturing, warehousing, or commercial facility is essential, as Clean All is concerned. Maintaining a clean workplace benefits your employees, clients, and visitors more than just how it looks. Clean All is here to help you maintain the greatest possible appearance for your facility all year round. Safety, health, and impression are the three primary (and most crucial) reasons to maintain a beautiful property.

Many businesses have time built into their yearly schedules where they completely shut down operations for a week or two in order to finish necessary equipment repairs, carry out significant maintenance tasks that can’t be done with workers in the area, or reorganize the workflow layout of their production processes. The time is now for Clean All’s cleaning specialists to visit and do their magic!

During your turnaround and closure periods, we can send multiple crews to your location and take on the biggest jobs safely and swiftly, thanks to our sizable staff of cleaning and maintenance specialists. We may work around the clock in shifts to ensure your projects are finished before you open for business. We won’t interfere with your job flow.

After your plant shuts down or turnarounds, your employees, clients, and visitors will return to a renewed, brighter space than when they first arrived. Which increases everyone’s productivity and safety in your firm, and who doesn’t want that?

Some of our facility turnaround or shutdown services include:

Machinery cleaning

Using various techniques, we can clean your manufacturing and production equipment. Removing the metal shavings created during manufacturing, dry ice blasting, hot or cold pressure washing, and hand cleaning with industrial degreasers can keep your machinery in good working order. These techniques can also reveal hydraulic leaks that thick layers of grease and dust might otherwise hide.

Ceiling & wall cleaning

Your plant’s ceilings are frequently neglected when it comes to cleaning. The oily atmosphere in your facility makes it possible for dust and other impurities to adhere and if left to build up, present a serious fire hazard.

Floor cleaning

It’s not simple to keep your floors clear of slipping dangers. To keep your floors safe and clean, Clean All offers industrial floor scrubbing maintenance programmes which we can visit weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Exhaust System Cleaning

Our exhaust cleaning process starts by tarping the area for cleaning in plastic to contain the cleaning area and prevent grease and dirt from spreading to other kitchen areas. We also take before and after pictures to demonstrate the high quality of our service.

Start preparing for your next turnaround or shutdown maintenance initiatives immediately, and include Clean All for your industrial cleaning requirements.