Tips For Preventing Wind Damage To Your Home

Tips For Preventing Wind Damage To Your Home

Tom Pilon

Owning a home that is highly susceptible to wind damage puts you and your family at risk. Dealing with an injury or the financial strain of a failing home, you must take the appropriate actions to stop it. Here are some tips for preventing wind damage to your home.

Clear The Area Of Any Debris

Except under rare circumstances, the wind is not particularly hazardous to your home. It becomes problematic when it sweeps any nearby debris into the side of your house. Rotting trees, branches, or even gravel can destroy your property if you are not careful. Removing these items from the area is a great strategy to prevent further issues.

Clearing trees from a property requires both time and money, so you might be hesitant to undertake this; Leaving it, though, and putting your house in danger, raises the chance of a worse issue. Sadly, many homeowners are unaware of this and must cope with the costly damage caused by the tree’s limbs.

Reinforce The Different Areas Of Your Home


You can strengthen the windows in your house with storm shutters, which are an addition. This extra defense against wind-borne debris shields your home and its occupants. You can also install high-impact glass or shatter-resistant film to your windows in addition to storm shutters.


Another part of your house susceptible to wind pressure is your doors. These can be significantly less likely to be destroyed by adding reinforcements like slide bolts, a strong deadbolt, and stronger hinge attachments.


One of the most crucial barriers against a windstorm is your roof. One way to protect your roof from strong winds is by strengthening it and repairing any loose shingles. Alternatively, you might replace all of your standard shingles with impact-resistant ones.

Seal Gaps In Your Home

Your home becomes less vulnerable when the gaps and cracks are sealed. These entrance points make it possible for wind and water to enter your house, leading to several other problems. Caulking up the cracks around your windows and doors will help stop floods and mildew problems exacerbated by winds.

What Is Our Misson?

Clean All is on hand to evaluate the storm damage you’ve sustained and decide how to proceed with repairs. If you require a roofing evaluation or have experienced exterior damage due to storms or other natural disasters, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a storm damage evaluation and begin the road to recovery.